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An Endless Summer

Power Ski International has recognized the Pinzgauer as the ideal transport and marketing tool for the ultimate water ride! As a recognized distributor/retailer you want to put your product in front of everyone in a BIG way! 99% percent of the sale is in the packaging. There has never been a better package then the Pinzgauer. Offering seating for 10, custom racking for advertising and easy transport of your Power

Skis, the Pinzgauer is your ultimate sales tool. Command attention, sales and success wherever you go.

What is a Pinzgauer? The Pinzgauer is the finest production all terrain vehicle ever manufactured. This truck has proven more reliable than any vehicle offroad. Due to the recent large scale decommissioning performed by the Swiss Army, the Pinzgauer currently can be acquired for approximately $11,500.00 here in the United States.

This vehicle is an all terrain troops mover that is street capable. This vehicle is not however designed for extended long distance, high-speed road travel in its stock form. These vehicles were purchased at auction in April of 2002 or 2001. They were then stored for upwards of a year, transported in sea going containers, and then made available here in the United States. An oil change, brake light inspection, carburetor and brake adjustment and a quick spin around the block brings the Pinzgauer to market for most importers.

With reasonable modification the Pinzgauer can provide satisfactory on road use. The United States has been the only place the Pinzgauer has been used for advertising purposes on road only. The Red Bull program accounts for over 5,000 freeway miles weekly. So Cal Pinzgauer exclusively services and supports the Red Bull Pinzgauers. We are the experts!

So Cal Pinzgauers is the only company in the world to pioneer all the successful modifications to make the Pinzgauer perform satisfactorily on the highway.

These vehicles were hand built betw

een 1972 and 1979. Due to an import regulation, former military trucks must be 25 years old to qualify for import. This makes the 1972 through 1976 series available only. The Pinzgauer is air cooled and incredibly well engineered. It was predominately designed for snow country and temperatures as low as 30 degrees below Celsius! The Armies in Saudi Arabia use the air cooled Pinzgauer in areas in excess of 120 degree Fahrenheit regularly. This make the Pinzgauer the most versatile vehicle as well! The 710M is a four wheel drive ‘truck’ with seating for 10 and capable of carrying a 2200 pound payload. The Pinzgauer is capable of fording water at a depth of nearly 30 inches without problems.

So Cal Pinzgauers maintains 100% parts availability for the Pinzgauer. Routine maintenance and service can be performed by any reputable automobile service facility. A European Service facility will find the design and engineering familiar. At So Cal Pinzgauers and Power Ski International we feel your Powerski Pinzgauer is a solid investment. Tremendous visibility and interest generation are two critical components to successful marketing of any product.

PowerSki Distributor packages: There are three basic packages. Each offers a different price point and vehicle configuration sensitive to your personal application and requirements.

‘Locals Only’ – this truck is sufficient for minimal highway use and lots of runs to the lake or seashore. This is a worthwhile investment and will provide a reliable experience. We call it ‘Locals Only’ because this truck is not set up for lot’s of freeway and high speed use but offers tremendous value at this price point.

$11,900.00 Base truck – Standard prep for sale as a used vehicle with U.S. title.

$ 5,000.00 Reconditioning and driveline warranty – Please read warranty info below.

$ 2,000.00 Paint exterior PowerSki Sunburst Yellow

$ 2,900.00 PowerSki patented rack. Carries two Power Skis in required transport position. The rack offers secured, locking storage of the PowerSki units and additional carrying capacity overhead. The rack also quickly modifies to a workbench for standard servicing of the PowerSki! The rack is epoxy coated for maximum durability and specially padded to protect your PowerSki investment.

$ 300.00 Decal vehicle with PowerSki logos, your business name, and contact info

$ 450.00 Seatbelts in rear for eight

$22,550.00 plus tax, licensing and shipping. Where else can you get that much advertising and edge for that kind of money!

‘Surfin Safari’ – Take a road trip and enjoy all the high profile advertising this truck offers. Brand new hi speed transmission provides higher gearing. This means improved comfort, less vehicle wear, improved fuel economy. Then add bigger tires and rims for that edgier tougher look! She won’t win a drag race, but you won’t lose your dental fillings at 65 mph.

$22,100.00 Local Runner

$ 4,400.00 Transmission upgrade

$ 1,100.00 Wider rims

$ 1,100.00 Bigger tires

$28,700.00 plus tax, licensing and shipping. Wow!!

‘PowerSki Extreme’ - custom truck set ups. An example might be 50% more horsepower, additional soundproofing, stereo install, winch bumper, racing seats and harnesses

$45,000- 50,000.00 Superior vehicle, all the edge and your neighbor won’t have one like it! Steal everyone’s thunder! Nothing holds a candle for curb appeal and capability. Hold more, do more, see more, BE MORE!


Winch Bumper Winch Wheels /Tires 24/12 volt adapter Interior Roll Cage
Hi Jack Racing Seats Harnesses Carpeting Interior roll cage
Stereo CB Radio Fire extinguishers Storage Boxes Laptop platforms
6x6 versions Hardtops Custom Trailers Custom Lighting GPS
and just about anything you can think of!!

Fully rebuilt and resealed driveline – this provides a one year warranty on the driveline automatically!! Transmission, two speed gearbox, rear differential, front differential, all four reduction hubs, and swivel seals.

Powerski packages offer Driveline Warranty which covers driveline components for any failure for a period of four months from delivery.

These prices reflect at least a ten percent discount. This value has been provided because PowerSki Internationals' commitment and relationship with So Cal Pinzgauers.

**Disclosure: The Pinzgauer has risen 21% in cost wholesale and retail in the last year and 50% since it’s arrival approximately two and half years ago. All price points are subject to change without written notice.

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