Surfjet Years


Bob Montgomery began working for the SurfJet Corporation out of Janesville, Wisconsin in the summer of 1981 after working as a consultant since 1979.


Bob seen here on one of the first brochures for Surfjet,
gave the company his passion to drive the marketing campaign.

Bob Montgomery extended his knowledge of manufacturing, engineering and design to the Surf Jet Corporation.

As Product Manager, he designed the hulls for the SurfJet Freestyle 236 and the SurfJet Malibu 275. Robert Montgomery is listed on the patents.

Bob's infectious passion for the Surfjet was passed on to the entire family. The brochure shots include Bob, his wife Missy, son Chad and their rottweiller dogs

Bob put functionality into the Surfjet designs allowing more high performance turning and wave riding.

Bob performed on the Surfjet in Gidget, the TV Series, a Brazilian commercial for Hollywood Cigarettes, Magic Mountain waterski show, Seaworld San Diego, and Africa USA in San Francisco.


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