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Video Clip "Liquid Blue"

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Surf the Endless Wave!

The Duke Kahanamoku and Bob Montgomery

Duke Kahanamoku -The Father of Surfing to read more about him click on the link.

See the Evolution of the PowerSki Jetboard™.
We took 12 years of jetboard archives compressed it into a 5 min video clip.

Movie Clip

Igniter 360
Production Board

In Action

Watch these slides come alive!!!!

SBA 50th Anniversary

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Bob Soars into the Air!!

gets his PowerSki Jetboard™ Pilot's License....
Over 20' in the Air!!!

Production Ramps Up at PowerSki's San Clemente Facility!

Check out as PowerSki International Corp., prepares their San Clemente, CA facilities for mass production of the PowerSki Jetboard™ Igniter 360™. Hundreds of parts and components are being accumulated and the production line is under going time trials and anticipates mass assembly of at least 15 units per day. Read More


The PowerSki Jetboard™ RhinoShark™ Hits the Waves!!

Team PowerSki took the PowerSki Jetboard™ Igniter 360™ into the surf, and heavy chop to test the new snorkel design and inflatable seals. Bob, and Chad Montgomery along with Team PowerSki Rider, Ryan Polfer, spent the entire day putting the Igniter 360™ through its paces. Just like a Timex watch, It took a lickin' and kept on tickin'! These are just a few pics that we have chosen. Check out the video below and see the ride sessions, and successful landings in extreme chop.

Here is our new video AirShow Central 2005
Featuring the Team PowerSki Riders.
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Do you want to ride the PowerSki Igniter 360™ Jetboard?
Click here to play our newest game created by our very own VP of Engineering, Leo Greene. You need the Flash player to play and it's lots of fun! Just don't crash too much or you will loose.. PLAY GAME

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PowerSki Extractor
Soon to be available for Dealers and Distributors for resale is the PowerSki Extractor™ line of products designed specifically for the PowerSki Jetboard™ Igniter 360™. This unique sled design is the perfect addition for towing your Igniter 360™behind your sit-down watercraft, or boat. Stay tuned as additonal information will be posted.

PowerSki's Segment Airs Sept 7th, on Science Channel's
Beyond Tomorrow!

BEYOND TOMORROW from the producers of the popular television series Beyond 2000 and MythBusters shown on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL, came all the way out from Australia to shoot the PowerSki Jetboard™ Igniter 330™ and will air September 7th on Discovery’s Science Channel at 9:00 pm. Read More

Everyone is really excited about the new patented SuperTorqueXT™ Marine engine and it's arrival. This means that we can provide the world with a reliable and compact power system that can be utilized in so many other applications. Read More

Dealers & Distributors
First Time Riders.

Find out how you can be a part of the PowerSki Team
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Check out Chad's new video clip showing the crossover between Surfing and Jetboarding

Movie Clip

The New Production Igniter 360™
Rendered by Pro E / Wildfire Software powered by HP work Stations

Check out these killer animations of the main components of PowerSki Jetboard™ Igniter 360™


New PowerSki International Corporate Headquarters




PowerSki International Corporation has moved into a new building located at 1000 Calle Amanecer, San Clemente, 92673, within a mile of our former location. Team PowerSki now has a 19,000 square foot facility from which PSI plans to expand our production, marketing and sales capabilities.


Update 08/23/05

Rapid Prototyping with Pro/ENGINEER and TekPro 3D Printing

Production Ramps Up!

PowerSki Technical/Production Update

PowerSki Interntational Recieves the New Die Cast SuperTorqueXT™Marine Engine

Fuel Injection with Orbital Corporation Ltd

High Rate Tooling Now in Place. PowerSki Poised for Mass Production

PowerSki Jetboard™ Igniter 360™ “Shreds” at the Miami International Boat Show

PowerSki Exhibits at the Miami International Boat Show in Florida.

Xtreme Life
Full T.V. show Online NOW!

PowerSki International featured on Xtreme Life television series Jan. 22 2005

TorqueXT™ Die Cast Tooling Process has Begun!

Update on PowerSki 250000 Catalytic Converter™ EPA Testing!

PowerSki International to be featured on four T.V. Shows.

PowerSki International Corp. Moves Toward Lean, Clean, and Green!

PowerSki Canada Manufacturing Team Visits PowerSki International For Training

SuperTorqueXT™ Investment Cast Tooling Built in Korea

The Physics & Calculations of the PowerSkiJetBoard™
of the G-Force Turn.

Watch Gillette World Sports Video.
Low Res - High Res

Technical web update for the production PowerSkiJetBoard
Igniter 360™


PowerSki Manufacturing Corp. issues POs for 12,000 SuperTorque XT™ Marine Engines delivery to begin January.Read more

Also POs for 1000 PowerThruster 330 Jetpumps delivery begins August 27th.Read more

PowerSki International orders an additional 500 engine cases from Alumacast.Read more


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