PowerSki Debuts On CW Network With Host Apolo Ohno

Business Wire - September 27, 2007 - San Clemente, Calif. Team PowerSki is featured on CW Now, a new variety show on the CW Network, on September 30th at 7:00pm, with host Apolo Ohno taking his first ride on the PowerSki Jetboard™. Filmed on September 21st, Apolo took to the PowerSki Jetboard™ immediately, and performed well enough that he was awarded an unofficial “10” by PowerSki CEO, Bob Montgomery.

apolo ono flamingo styleApolo Anton Ohno is an American short track speed skating world champion and two-time gold medalist at the last two Winter Olympics. Apolo, and his dancing partner, Julianne Hough, won season four of Dancing with the Stars, the reality TV show, on his 25th birthday in 2007. Apolo proved he can “dance” on water as well as the dance floor with the PowerSki Jetboard™ as his partner.

Ohno has won five Olympic medals over his career, and is one of only four Americans who have won three medals in a single Winter Olympics game. He has been the reigning U.S. short track speed skating champion since 2001, and has won the U.S. men's title a total of eight times.

The PowerSki Jetboard™ currently retails for $10,995 and is in limited supply. PowerSki International's Limited Licensed Assembly manufacturer, All American PowerSports, located in Washington State is coming on line and preparing for their grand opening to begin mass production for the 2008 summer season.

apolo ono on a jetboard