500 SuperTorqueXT™ Engines Arriving Soon!

Business Wire - July 12, 2007-San Clemente, Calif. PowerSki International Corp. is proud to announce that 500 more patented SuperTorqueXT™ marine engines have been shipped from Dae Sung Fine Tec, Ltd., our licensed Korean manufacturer, and should be arriving within the next twenty days. Including our initial 120 sand-cast engines, the first batch of 50 die-cast engines, and the second delivery of 80 die-cast engines in late 2006, will with this coming shipment bring our total production of SuperTorqueXT™ engines to 750 engines. It’s always been PowerSki International’s goal to deliver small amounts of production Jetboards to insure the best quality products with a minimum of limited warranty issues.

San Clemente, Ca. PowerSki International Corp. has signed a Limited Licensing Agreement with All American; manufacturing company located in Washington State, to assemble and mass-produce the PowerSki Jetboard™. All American has a $5,000,000 line of credit available to purchase parts. All American has been purchasing a first phase of parts for PowerSki Jetboard™ production. Per PowerSki's Limited License Agreement, they have been negotiating in recent weeks with all of PowerSki's A, B, and C level vendors.

On the manufacturing front, through tooling changes and large quantity parts orders, PowerSki has a two-stage plan to lower the PowerSki Jetboard™'s cost of goods. To date, PowerSki has shipped over 200 of its patented PowerSki Jetboards™ to water sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Bob Montgomery, PowerSki’s CEO, and Bjorn Elvin, PowerSki’s V.P. of Engine Development, state that these 500 engines give us a great start to achieving our aforementioned goals to lower the cost of goods and prime the market with more PowerSki Jetboards delivered throughout the world.

PowerSki Featured on the Cover and in Article in Quality Digest Magazine

Digital Design and Assembly Rides the 3D Wave

Capture 3D’s digital technology was used to improve the design capability of the PowerSki Jetboard™. Here digital assembly was used on the Igniter 330™ model to aid in optimizing design performance, form, fit, and function analysis, utilizing PTC’s ProE Wildfire software to support the creation of higher-volume tooling to lower the Jetboard’s overall cost of goods. This technology facilitates transition into high-volume production to meet PowerSki’s growing customer demand.

Dirk Dusharme, Editor-In-Chief & Photographer for Quality Digest magazine stated, “As a photographer, I'm always searching for new ways to interpret a subject. What captures its essence and conveys its intent to the viewer? For the cover of Quality Digest, a national trade magazine for quality control professionals, I needed to show both Capture 3D’s measurement technology and PowerSki's design innovation. When I saw how Capture 3D’s scanner could generate a point cloud that exactly reproduced both the interior and exterior of the Jetboard, I knew exactly what I wanted. Blend high-tech visualization with high-powered reality, add a dose of Montgomery's surfer exuberance and attitude and, boom, there ya go.”