PowerSki's "Phase 300" Production Continues !!

PSI continues with Phase 300, to assemble and ship 300 Powerski Jetboard™ Igniter 330’s™ at PSI’s San Clemente facility to meet demand. Bob Montgomery, CEO and inventor, PSI, went on to state, “PSI has been in the process of fabricating the Igniter 330™, building additional molds for the finalized hull tooling needed to ramp up hull production.

These tools become necessary as PSI continues receiving the hundreds of parts needed to assemble the PowerSki JetBoard™ Igniter 330™ production model which features the patented SuperTorque XT™ marine engine manufactured under license. To date, PSI has manufactured, assembled and shipped approximately 190 PowerSki JetBoards™ worldwide.

Joe Laurante, Operations Manager, PSI, comments "There are approximately 821 different parts and components that are required to assemble a PowerSki JetBoard™ Igniter 330™. Coordinating the production with our over 55+ vendors has been quite the challenge to overcome…” “Team PowerSki has done it…. Aggressively!!”, exclaims Joe.

Most of PSI’s vendors have stepped up to the immediate demand for parts needed for the Phase 2 Production Plan, “Phase 300”. The following images you see here shows PowerSki International Corp.’s, San Clemente Headquarters/Factory, stockpiling the hundreds upon hundreds of parts and components for “Phase 300”.

“Hewlett-Packard’s workstations have really powered PTC /ProEgineer’s Wildfire software which has allowed for rapid design changes in a virtual digital world saving us time and money on the high rate production tooling,” stated Bob Montgomery, PSI. Maciej Lisiak, Engineer, PSI, whose homeland is in Poland has been diligently working on providing vendors with up to the minute ProEngineer drawings keeping within PSI’s goal of lowering the cost of goods for their, “Phase 3 Mass Production Plan”, later this year.

Focusing on the importance of the North American marketplace and to PSI’s current dealerships, PSI is continually working on providing an EPA/CARB solution to meeting the stringent standards for certification. PSI is confident on reaching their goal with a clean solution for the world.

For more information contact:

Bob MacKay
PowerSki International Corp.


email: info@powerski.com