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  5 Factors  

G-Force Turns
The PowerSki Jetboard™ is revolutionary in its ability to keep the rider firmly in position while leaning into a high speed turn and extending the riders body out over the water. It is a complete rush to use your hand to hydroplane on the water, pushing up on the water as you bring the board back up under your feet.

Nose Riding
Another exciting feature of the PowerSki Jetboard™ is the pliable handle that allows the rider to walk to the nose of the board. The rider can hold that position with the board at top speed as long as the rider’s nerve holds out! There is nothing like doing 40mph with nothing but water in front of you. That is truly walking on water...

The extreme thrill of “getting air” is what has propelled wakeboarding, snowboarding, and skateboarding to new heights in recent years. PowerSki Jetboarding is no exception for attaining the highest altitude, and performing all the other tricks to follow. As the PowerSki Jetboard™ evolves into a lighter, stronger jetboard; future extreme riders will only be limited by their imagination

Wave Riding
Wave riding, or surfing, has only begun to be experimented with. As fellow watermen, and surfers, it is the philosophy of PowerSki International Corporation not to see the PowerSki Jetboard™ used to compete with surfers on their home turf, but to become the way to exploit "outer breaks” and other surf spots not easily accessible to the general surfing public. Think about the possibility of cruising around the point to get to that hard-to-get-to break, or motoring to the outer breaks with nothing but you, and a PowerSki Jetboard™.

Tandem riding
Tandem is a fun way to include the younger kids or for the couple that wants to learn tandem maneuvers as performed at surfing meets.


WARNING! The PowerSki Jetboard™ is not a boat. It won’t let you sit still. It will challenge you to try more, and will give you a solid workout. Riding the PowerSki Jetboard™ can become addicting, but that condition can be easily remedied by some glassy conditions or large, easily accessible surf.


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