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What kind of engine does it have?
A patented, single cylinder, two-stroke 362cc engine, The SuperTorqueXT™ runs at 55 hp on a dyno that enables the jet pump to develop 350 psi of thrust. The engine is 6.5” tall by 10” wide by 17” long. When final tooling is completed, our engineers claim the engine will weigh only 45 lbs. PSI is also moving forward in developing a proprietary four-stroke engine.

How fast does the Powerski Jetboard go?
The PowerSki Jetboard™ runs at 35+ m.p.h. on flat water, which is extremely fast when you are walking on water. See the performance of this craft.

How much does a jetboard weigh?
They currently weigh 195lbs.

Maximum rider weight?
We call this a Big Boys Toy. With several riders around 350lbs, the craft has proven itself effective in allowing larger individuals the opportunity to get up on plane and have the ride of their life.

How can I transport them?
This is one of the key features to the futuristic nature of this craft. The PowerSki Jetboard™ can fit inside an Explorer or truck bed. They also can be transported on surf racks and can easily be carried on small to large boats. Think about how easy it is to store in your garage, or bedroom for that matter. Lean it against the wall and you have taken literally no floor space. Perhaps hang one from the ceiling with support straps. To see more go to Rack'em web page

Is it hard to ride?
Absolutely not! We have a 100% success rate to date. We have had over 1000 people ride the PowerSki Jetboard™; some overweight, out of shape, non-sportsman like. Everyone has been able to get up and ride. The first time rider starts out like double skis with their feet facing straight and send them on their way. They find it very easy to go straight and when they are ready to turn they simply lean left or right and begin their turn. As they get a little more solid, they will then begin changing their stance to a sideways position.

Those people who have had experience with any type of sideways sports such as surfing, water skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding or even those that have ridden stand up jet skis will get right into the sideways stance and begin solid turns from the get go.

How much will they cost?
This first year the Igniter 360™ has a suggested retail of $7,995.00. Due to the high demand the consumer needs to contact the dealership closest to them to lock down a PowerSki Jetboard™ for this first year.

We are currently delivering the first pre-production units to select dealers and distributors. We are beginning to set up dealerships.

When can I buy one?
Please get on our mailing list and we will let you know when and where you can see one in action and possibly demo a unit. Also check the dealer or distributor page for a dealer near you.

How can I get more information?
If you would like more info on purchasing a Jetboard or business interests we welcome you to email us directly, fill out our c, call us or come by for a tour of our facility.


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